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Xena’s New Look

One thing about being a professional photographer is the ability to travel for work. I had the opportunity to head to Daytona Beach, Florida for a combined photography work trip and mini-vacation trip. A lot of my friends from the area had told me they were heading down for an automotive car show gathering in Florida so I did what any other person would’ve done and I decided to go down with them too.

Being from New Jersey, a normal person would’ve gotten on a plane and flown down to Florida but being that I was up for a challenge, I said I would drive straight from New Jersey to Florida in 1 day. It was definitely a rough journey but I made it to Florida in the early morning hours and crashed for a few hours before heading out on my photo session with Bear Dellinger.

It was a special photo session for sure because this was the first shoot that was offered to be modeling with her freshly redone Nissan 240 named Xena. We pulled off several amazing shots and ended up loving it. We even In Focus Films. Check it all out below!

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