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Not Even the Rain Can Stop Us

One of my childhood friends reached out to me one day and had this idea of hiking up a waterfall trial in Hunter, New York for a surprise proposal. We both talked about his ideal day planning a fun adventure for his now fiancé and soon to be wife. One of the biggest challenges was not the hour and a half drive to this location from our hometown, but rather the weather that threatened the trip was our concern. As we drove closer and closer to the trailhead, the clouds began to roll in and the skies darkened. However, that didn’t stop the adventurous Nina and Tyler from letting a little bit of rain ruin their day.

We arrived at the trailhead at the same time but Nina did not know I was there to be a photographer for this special moment. Instead, I waited in the car for five minutes while they packed up theirs and started the hike. I underestimated their hiking abilities and they had managed to gain some distance on me hiking faster than I expected. Running around with a bunch of gear really was a lot harder to do than I also anticipated but I managed to get the photos we needed and also get my exercise in for the day.

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