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Treated to Mother Nature’s Beauty

I met Ashley originally through some mutual friends through my friends in the automotive community. Out of the blue one day, I texted Ashley asking if she wanted to go somewhere local to model for me for some portrait. Being the friend you can depend on, she told me yes without hesitation and we ventured out to Bear Mountain where we knew of some great lake side locations to get some fall color and nature background portraits.

This was my first portrait session with Ashley and I couldn’t tell you enough that I was nervous, but I couldn’t tell you why. I’m glad that Ashley was going to be my model because we already had a friendship that allowed for us to get comfortable with each other walking around in this beautiful boat launch area in Bear Mountain.

By the end of the session, we both were treated to an amazing sunset and we both left excited to see how the photos turned out. Once I got home, I began editing straight away and was blown away at how well these photos turned out. Needless to say, Ashley and I were extremely proud of the results.

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