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Why You Need A Second Photographer.

You may be asking yourself, “Why on Earth do I need more than one photographer at my wedding?” especially if there is an additional charge to having one be a part of your day. We (as vendors) know how much a wedding day can cost and how quickly these prices add up but at the end of the day there are just some things you cannot and should not skip out on. One of these is having a skilled team of photographers (or videographers) at your wedding capturing your day.

Quite often you hear of studios offering multiple photographers for your wedding day but they never really tell you why you need them; I’m here to give you a brief overview of why you need to have more than one photographer at your wedding.

Weddings are one of those life milestones that will 110% go by in a blink of an eye and just like that the day is over before you even realized it. You ask yourself, how will you ever remember all of those moments from the happy tear filled moments to the celebratory moments of being able to say “Look mom, I did it” and even those moments in between it all. Fortunately, photos and videos of the day help you remember everything that happened and helps bring those memories back to life as if you were reliving that exact moment in time.

Even though I personally run a full-time business of being a historian for couples, families and more, I still love to go out to be another photographer’s second photographer for their job. Not only does this let me be more involved with the entire wedding industry with more couples to say hi to and celebrate with but it allows me to continuously learn, adapt new techniques and evolve my photography skills to be even better than I previously thought. I have the opportunity to be someone’s second photographer almost every month and this wedding I focused on being more creative than I normally am. As the second photographer, I’m not as worried as getting the main shots but rather getting the creative more unique angles and perspectives to supplement the main photographer’s content. Not only did I have a blast being a second photographer but I learned a lot while shooting. So check out some of the photos that I managed to capture below!

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