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Why You Need An Engagement Session

Nicole and John are one of our amazing couple’s that will later tie the knot in November 2022 at Glen Island Harbour Club. When they originally booked, they had not booked an engagement session but ultimately they came back a few months later to add that onto their wedding day package.

There are many reasons why we think that an engagement session is important, but we’ll list our top favorite reasons.

You get to practice before the wedding
Being photographed prior to your wedding day can have a lot of benefits. One of them being we get to learn more about you and your fiancé/fiancée. Not everyone can pose the same or do the same movements, so we use this time to help you figure out how to look the best in your photos. From helping you figure out where to put your hands, where to look, which leg to put your weight on, etc. By the end of the session, we promise you’ll walk away feeling like a professional model.

It builds trust and connection with our team
One of the many benefits about engagement sessions is that they give you a chance to build trust and a relationship with our team. This later will help you calm down during the wedding planning process knowing our team has everything under control and allows you to connect with your photographer on a personal level (after all, we more alike than you think!). Ultimately, this allows everyone to relax on the wedding day knowing that we will make everyone look their best, feel their best and ensure the best wedding photos are created. 

a couple from a lower vantage point

It’s the best way to get warmed up to the camera
Being professionally photographed for the first time can feel a little weird or awkward and that’s totally normal. You aren’t sure what to expect, how to pose or maybe you are just feeling a little conscious about the whole thing — now just imagine if you felt that way on your wedding day. Having an engagement session allows you to practice some poses, figure out how to stand, know what to do with your hands and most importantly allow you to enjoy the wedding day photo sessions.

We have more control over the photos
The date of your wedding is set in stone. Maybe you’ll  have to make the best with the weather conditions you’re given or what curveball comes your way, but with your engagement session, we can have a lot more flexibility. We can reschedule as needed, and because we aren’t working on a wedding timeline, we don’t have to worry about staying on track and getting to the next section of the day on time. There is a lot more time to be creative and have fun.

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