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Tying the Knot!

07.24.2022 — the date that Sam and Gabi will remember forever.

Sam is a long time friend of mine who initially reached out to me in January this year because he was looking for some updated headshot photos for his job. Shortly after delivering his headshot photos, he reached out to me again but this time to inquire about being their engagement and wedding photographer.

Sam and I met back in Chinese class at Rutgers University. We mainly had kept to ourselves and the group of friends we created who sat in the same area as us. After leaving Rutgers, as with most people, we lost touch once everyone moved back home. When Sam reached out in January, it was almost like we picked up exactly where we left off.

Sam & Gabi first met at Rutgers just like how he and I did, but it was a little different than being in the same class together. Sam first met Gabi as he was walking around campus and saw she looked lost. Being that Sam had been attending Rutgers for a couple of years, he offered to help her to find her way around. Things just kicked off with them chatting and the rest is history!

They’ve now been together for just shy of 5 years!

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