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WedAward Collection #84 Winner

It’s that time of the month when WedAward announces the winners of their wedding photograph submissions. For those who are new to the blog, our team submits a minimum of 3 images to WedAward’s monthly collection competition to compete against other world-renown wedding photographers. Our team loves taking part of this monthly collection submission because it always keeps us on our toes to continue to create artistic and breathtaking imagery.

One of my close friends, Tom Russo, has recently said that he has been “shooting to create” which is such a fantastic idea. This means we aren’t just taking a photo, we are trying to create something more than that but using a photo as a medium to do it.

I am once again honored to be part of WedAward’s monthly wedding photograph collections and get to stand by some of the world’s most talented photographers in this international publication.

Some quick facts about this collection:

? 18 countries worldwide participated

? 3,089 images were submitted

? 135 images were awarded

? 2 images out of the 135 were shot by Nicholas Yee Photography

Brandon & Holly — Sugar Hallow Retreat — September 2022
Ashley & Nick — Cairnwood Estate — August 2022

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