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WedAward Collection #86 Winner

Having award winning photographs from a publishing company like “WedAward” can greatly benefit brand recognition and trust. Having photographs that are more than a snapshot is a way to showcase some of our best work from our weddings that demonstrates that we have the skills, talent, and expertise to provide exceptional service to you during your wedding journey. Ultimately, these accolades while nice to brag about, is a way that can help build trust with potential couples, assuring them that they are making a wise investment into their wedding photography needs.

This month, we decided to take on a challenge and submit 7 total photographs to be judged. While not all of them were deemed award worthy, it gives us a foundation on what to look for in order to compete with the rest of the extremely talented photographers from around the globe.

Below are the 4 of 7 images that won for WedAward’s 86th Collection.

Some quick facts about this collection:

? 19 countries worldwide participated
? 2,616 images were submitted
? 129 images were awarded
? 4 images out of the 129 were shot by Nicholas Yee Photography

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