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WedAward Collection #87 Winner

This month was a shocker month for us, but sometimes you need a reality check every now and again. We’ve become so accustomed to being a part of the WedAward monthly selection that we had our bar set extremely high to finish off the 2022 season and fell short of our goal.

Our team took 4 of our images shot since the last submission and sent it to WedAward to be judged and put into competition against other photographers from all over the world. While we were brought quickly down to earth with only having 1 of our 4 images earn the award, we are are taking this opportunity to reevaluate our work and experience to make it better to see how we can gain more award winning photographs with the next submission.

Below are the 1 of 4 images that won for WedAward’s 87th Collection.

Some quick facts about this collection:

? 19 countries worldwide participated
? 2,477 images were submitted
? 111 images were awarded
? 1 images out of the 111 were shot by Nicholas Yee Photography

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