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WedAward Collection #88 Winner

In the Chinese culture, the number “88” is considered to be a lucky number because of its pronunciation that is similar to the phrase, “double joy” or “double fortune”. The word for eight in Chinese sounds similar to the word for prosperity, and when the number appears twice back to back, it is believed to bring double the luck and prosperity.

The number while normally associated with financial success and good fortune in business can also be a way to invite good luck and fortune into one’s life. In this case, WedAward’s collection #88 has brought the team good luck and has allowed us to win 4 images in this month’s wedding photographic competition. The team is so blessed to have had this opportunity to share these photographs with some of the best photographers around the world in this month’s edition of WedAward.

Some quick facts about this collection:

? 19 countries worldwide participated
? 2,373 images were submitted
? 116 images were awarded
? 4 images out of the 111 were shot by Nicholas Yee Photography

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